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Every day is our Father's Day

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Hello everyone, whether you are a Dad, or are thinking of him today - whether he's still with you or not - I thought this was just beautiful and wanted to share it:


I can't give you a lasting link to today's "Every day is our Father's day" but it should be up for about a week - and every day there are lovely daily thoughts.So enjoy!

Love and peace,


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Most of these days carry a very commercial history. Big franchise of cards, gifts, chocolates, flowers....
Sell sell sell. Buy buy buy....all fairly modern occurrences of unique reasons to motivate people to buy. Our economy is such

As for what card, what gift, what gesture other than overwhelming love itself can express love?

Fathers, mothers, brothers sisters...all people that make your immediate surround are celebrated on daily basis, even more frequently than that...moment to moment. Trully loving and grateful heart knows no particular time, day, season for matters of heart.

Love while you can...every day, every moment, without any reason.

I cannot care about special days either