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Hi Folks, Just new to this and have been checking out this site since Feb. I am doing a Holistic Massage course and have exams on Sat. week and am panicking - cannot remember anything! Anybody sit these exams recently have any advice or ideas on what we will be asked?

Many thanks

Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2005 5:10 pm
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hope this helps

wht type of disorder is a verucca?

what type of disorder is ecxcema?
viral, bacterial, congential, fungal

wht is urticaria a reaction to?
an allergy
an inflammation of the hair follicle
a hormone imbalance
a virus

where do capillaries arise from

which of the following is a def. of abduction
palm of hand down
sole of foot inwards
decrease in angle between bone and joint
movement of the bone away from the midline of the body or limb

where would you find triangularis (havent a clue its not in my massage or a+p book)
corner of mouth
in the hand
in the foot
corner of eye

def. of plantarflexion
point toes down
point toes up
turn palm down
turn palm up

wht muscle draws shoulder forward and roates scapula
rhomboid mahor
serratus anterior
latissimus dorsi

wht muscle lifts trunk after sitting
gluteus maximus, minimus, medius or biceps femoris

wht tissue is protective and insulating
epithelial, areolar, adipose, white fibrous

function of blood tissue
absorb shock
transport food and 02
support and protect
produce movement

where wud u find the genetic code
endoplasmic reticulum

wht does not contain yellow elastic ( i said spleen am i rite?)

wht tissue is connecting and supporting other tissues
yellow elastic
whire fibrous

wht type of bone is a sternum

wht is another name for scapula
cheek bone
collar bone
shoulder blade
breast bone

wht direction of the spine for lordosis
inward curvature of the spine
outward curvature of the spine
sidewards curvature of the spine
porous and brittleness

name a bone in the foot

another name for clavicle
breast bone
collar bone
shoulder blade
lower jaw

malfunction of which hormone gives a jet lagged feeling?

hypersecreaion of throyxin causes
graves disease

antidirectic hormone works with

hypersecretion of wht hormone results in growth of bones
thyroid stimulus
human growth hormone
adrenocotico (ya know wht i mean)

wht secretes calcitonin

artert tht suplies head and neck
common carotid

function of venule
carry oxy. blood from artery to vein
carry deoxy. blood from vein to artery
carry deoxy. blood from capillary to vein
carry oxy. blood from capillary to vein

the hepatic artery feeds?

apart from spleen wht does the splenic artery feed?
gall bladder
pancreas (anyone know)

main artery in arm

lymphocytes not found in
digestive system
central nervous system
respiratory system
wht isnt a function of lymph node

posterior auricular node is where?

if the spleen did not gilter wht wud happ
get a headache
low bp

thoracia duct drains
left subclavian
right ""
sup. vena cava
inf. "" ""

function of sensory nerve

how many pairs of spinal nerves
27 30 31 33

wht speed us a nerve conduction
myelin sheeth

wht part of brain is for balance

function of spinal nerve

where is the cervix

function of cervix

function of large intestine

HCl activates wht

wht part of nervous system deals with inhalation

where would u find chemorceptors

wht does the urinary system rely o

Posted : 20/05/2005 9:23 pm
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Many thanks Stargirl - I am from Dublin myself and doing my exams this weekend for Holistic massage - I am studying but nothing seems to be staying in my head! I will pratice on these and keep my fingers crossed - when did you do your exams?

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i did mine there last week, fingers crossed they went well 🙂

Best of Luck

Posted : 23/05/2005 6:43 pm
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Here is some off the business and massage papers

Q1. which of the following is not a cause of oedema?
A. toxaemia
B. Kidney disease
C. Liver disease
D. Torticollis

Q2. Bach flower remedies are defined as:
A. Infusions of plants with water and alcohol to treat emotional problems
B. Minute dose of bacteria or substances tht reflect clients condition
C. A trad. meth using plants nd herbs
D. insertion of needles

Q3. Homeopathy is defined as the use of:
A. Vits and minerals
B. Riboflavins
C. minute doses of bacteria or virus
D. oils

Q4. A healthy client with menopausal symptoms wud like a massage wht action do u take?
light massage using effleurage only
general massage
deep massage request doctors permission

Q5 when massaging the front of the legs where wud u place support?
under knees
under ankles
Offer none
Under back

Q6 a client receiving palative care is referred by his/her doctor to receive a massae, which is not a psychological benefit
reduction in isolation and fear
contro, of disomfort
control of circulation
reduction in disorientation and confusion

Q7 A client with a varicose vein in her right lower leg would like an hoilstic massage. wud action wud u take?
massage under the varicose vein
massage over he vein
massage above the vein
massage he whole body including the leg

Q8 Which specific massage movement would most benefit a client with tension in the tibialis anterior?

Q9 How does stress affect the respiratory system?
It cause the breathing rate to increase
It cause the breathing rate to decrease
it causes blockages in the bronchioles
it causes friction in the pleural cavity

Q10 What type of massage would u give a healthy client suffering from insomnia?

Q11 a healthy client presents with lower back pain. during your holistic massage you would concentrate on :
vibrations in the gluteal region
cupping in the gluteal region
petrissage in the lumbar region
hacking in the cervical region

Q12 What after care advice would you offer your client after an holistic massage?
go for a long walk
eat a good meal
have a relaxing bath
go for a swim

Q13 what is the most appropriate client care during an holistic massage?
to tell the client the procedure is the same for each client
to only explain to the client if he/she asks
it is not necessary to expalin the procedure to the client
to explain how the massage procedure will be adapted to suit the individual needs

Q14 What procedure wd u follow if ur client reacted to the massage medium u were using?
conrtinue the treatment
stop the treatment and place a cool damp cloth over the area
stop the treatment and wipe the area with sugical spirit
stop the treatment and put some heat on the area

Q15 Where did ayurvedic start?

Q16 What do the japenese call their massage?

Q17 when breaking down toxins where would you drain to?
the nearest major muscle
the nearest endocrine gland
the nearest joint
the nearest lymph node

Q18 What does physiological treat?
The mind
The mind body and soul
The body

Q19 which of the following is a negative factor of integral biology?
time management
lack of fresh air
8 hours sleep a night
balanced diet

what is a patnership
wht is a local contra indication
when doing a consultation wht type of q's do u ask
first aid for a minor cut
wht type of fire would u use a carbon dioxide extinguisher for
before disenfecting wht do u do
wht is a virus
how does bacteria replicat
how does a virus spread
wen shud u were gloves
wht is an employee not responsible for regarding health and safety
who is responsible for wearing gloves?
wht is gross profit

Posted : 23/05/2005 6:47 pm
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Thanks, you are a pet. I am sure you did well in your exams, I am panicking as I am revising and it seems like the more I revise the more i find out I have forgotten! Also the nerves are not the best! The best of luck with your results - when do you get them?


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I get them in 7 weeks its a long time to wait!!!

So how did u get on??

Posted : 30/05/2005 9:40 am
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ITEC A+P Paper

1. Chloasma can be recognised by:
a) White patches of skin
b) Yellow patches of skin
c) Red patches of skin with silvery scales
d) Brown patches of skin

2. The dermis has the ability to absorb:
a) Mineral oils
b) Chemical substances
c) Water
d) Aqueous creams

3. Which of the following can be found in the epidermis?
a) Elastin
b) Melanocytes
c) Lymph vessels
d) Swear glands

4. The role of the sebaceous gland is to:
a) Control temperature
b) Secrete chemicals and act as nerve receptors
c) Removal waste from the skin
d) Secrete sebum to act as a natural moisturizer

5. A verruca is:
a) Bacterial
b) Fungal
c) Viral
d) Congenital

6. The action of the massater muscle is to:
a) Raise the lower jaw
b) Raise the lips
c) Flex the head
d) Compress the nasal opening

7. The pytergoids are:
a) Bone
b) Layers of skin
c) Muscle
d) Nerve

8. The lymphatic system relies on the muscular system for:
a) Leverage
b) Movement
c) Digestion
d) Absorption

9. The action of the biceps femoris is to:
a) Flex the hip, extend the knee
b) Abduct the leg
c) Extend the hip, flex the knee
d) Flex the arm

10. The action of the gluteus medius muscle is to:
a) Extend the femur
b) Adduct and laterally rotate the femur
c) Flex the femur
d) Abduct and medially rotate the femur

11. Endoplasmic reticulum:
a) Is a protein factory
b) Is a network of canals which form the circulation of the cell
c) Combines carbohydrates with protein compounds for energy
d) Releases energy and forms adenosine triphosphate

12. Mitosis is the process of:
a) Cell structure
b) Protection against UV light
c) Eliminating toxins from the skin
d) Cell division

13. Areolar tissue is a type of
a) Connective tissue
b) Epithelial tissue
c) Nervous tissue
d) Muscular tissue

14. The functions of the areolar tissue include:
a) Protection, insulation
b) Support, connection
c) Stretch, recoil
d) Lining, absorption

15. What occurs at the telephase stage of mitosis?
a) Pairs of chromatids divide and identical halves of the pairs move to each end of the cell
b) The spindle fibres disintegrate and the centrioles replicate
c) The chromosomes arrange themselves at the centre of the cell, each attaches to the spindle by its centromere
d) The centrosome divides into two

16. The functions of the skeletal system include to:
a) Receive messages, protect
b) Store calcium, formed blood cells
c) Form vitamin D, maintain homeostasis
d) Stimulate and reproduce muscles

17. The coomon name for the zygomatic bone is:
a) Jawbone
b) Cheekbone
c) Forehead
d) Skull bone

18. The innominate bones are:
a) Sacrum and coccyx
b) Femur, patella and tibia
c) Ilium, ishium and pubis
d) Clavicle and scapula

19. The bones of the cranium include:
a) Parietal, occipital
b) Palatine, nasal
c) Maxilla, zygomatic
d) Lacrimal, vomer

20. The elbow joint is a:
a) Pivot joint
b) Fixed joint
c) Hinge joint
d) Gliding joint

21. The functions of the adrenal medulla hormones include:
a) Regulations of salts in the body
b) Maintenance of calcium levels in plasma
c) Regulation of water absorption
d) Prepares the body for “fight or flight”

22. The endocrine system works closely with the nervous system to provide:
a) Homeopathy
b) Homeosapien
c) Homeostasis
d) Imbalance in the body

23. Hypo secretion of vasopressin includes:
a) Oedema
b) High blood pressure
c) Diabetes insipidus
d) Low blood pressure

24. Hormones are transported in the:
a) Circulatory system
b) Lymphatic system
c) Digestive system
d) Respiratory system

25. Hypo secretion of thyroxin can cause:
a) Graves disease
b) Myxoedema
c) Cretinism
d) Dwarfism

26. The functions of venules is to:
a) Carry oxygenated blood from the capillaries to the larger veins
b) Carry oxygenated blood from the larger veins to the capillaries
c) Carry deoxygenated blood from the capilla

Posted : 05/06/2005 6:40 pm
rose hip
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June 8th Itec A&P

Well what a relief - at last the A&P is behind me. Wasn't too hard at all - finished in ten minutes and at least half the questions were familiar having appeared on these pages already. My advice go through all these question s and make sure you know the answers. I'll try and remember as many questions as possible.

Where is DNA found
Which tissue is protective and insulatory
Which tissue is found all over the body connecting and supporting
Which is not made of yellow elastic (Stomach, spleen, aorta,bladder)
What does blood tissue do

What does the urinary system rely on the skin to do(Excrete,secret, control blood pressure and something else)
Which one is bacterial (acne vulgaris and three others)
What is a verruca (viral)
What causes urticaria (Allergy ,virus and two others)
What is eczema (congenital)

Skeletal system
What kind of bone is the sternum (flat)
What is another work for the scapula
What is another word for the clavicle
Where is a foot bone (talus, radius, tibia and one other)
What is lordosis (exaggerated inward,outward, brittle bone and one other)

Muscular system
What is plantarflexion ( Toe up , toe down, and two others)
What is abbduction ( can't remember - but v.easy)
Which muscle draws shoulder forward and rotates scapula
Which muscle raises trunk after sitting
Where would you find the triangularis

Vascular system
Where would you find chemoreceptors
What does the splenic artery supply apart from the spleen
What's the main artery in the arm (itec is really so unimaginative!)
What do venules do ( Carry deoxygenated blood from capillaries to veins)
Where do capillaries come from (Arterioles)

Lymphatic system
What does the thoracic duct drain into
What is NOT an important function of lymph noes (filter the blood)
Where would you find the posterior auricular node
What would happen to the body if lymph didn't work (sceptecaemia)

Respiratory system
Which does not moisten and warm air ( trachea, larynx, pharynx, nose)
Where are chemoreceptors found
What causes inspiration to stop so provoking expiration

Neurological system
What speeds up transmission of nerve impulses
What do sensory nerves do
Which part of the brain is responsible for balance
How many spinal nerves
What does the facial nerve do
Endocrine system

Posted : 08/06/2005 3:50 pm
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RE: June 8th Itec A&P


Posted : 08/06/2005 7:56 pm
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RE: June 8th Itec A&P

Thanks for taking the time out to post these, much appreciated.


Posted : 08/06/2005 9:16 pm
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RE: June 8th Itec A&P

Just wanted to add another thank you for writing up the questions.. I have my A&P exam a week on Thursday and am panicking lots so appreciate all the help I can get!

This site is proving to be so useful for revision so thanks Rose Hip and to all that have taken the trouble to add questions.. Will make sure I add my own questions after my exam..

Evie x

Posted : 10/06/2005 9:04 am
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RE: June 8th Itec A&P

Rosehip you're a star, many thanks for posting this for everyone! Hope you did really well too!

Posted : 10/06/2005 10:29 am
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Hi Stargirl,
Sorry for not getting back to you before now, was mad busy in work! Would you believe it I got the same paper as you for A&P just a few little differences - so thank you so much for your help! I am not sure about the Massage theory paper though, it was a bit strange - a lot of samey questions! One question was what was massage used for in the first and second world wars! I put to aid circulation but not sure if this is correct - I only hope I managed to scrape a pass on this one as it did confuse me a bit! How have you been since your exams? I now have so much time on my hands I don't know what to do!

Take care,


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RE: June 8th Itec A&P

Rose Hip,

Thank you so so much. We seem to be a few days behind you in West Sussex - took the A&P today and the questions were very similar.

Anyone who has yet to take the exam my advice would be just go through all the papers that have been posted on here as they do vary them. All of us lot taking A&P today had a variety of papers at the same time but the theme is the same.

So, firstly don't panic.

Secondly read the questions and (trust me) you will not believe how much you know (providing you have done all the papers posted here).

This time last week I was in panic mode. Did Reflexology theory, Business Essentials, Reflexology practical and then today the A&P.

Last night was the only night I could not sleep.

But all I can say to anyone reading this is :-

go through all the questions people more clever than me who have remembered what they were have posted

- print all the questions out

go through them - read round the questions

what you don't know, read up on

and when you turn that paper over I promise you you will have a big grin on your face because there does seem to be a theme and you will be amazed at how many questions you can answer

And do not forget that you can amend your answer BUT YOU MUST INITIAL IT - one of my classmates changed her answers and forgot to initial so she will not get any marks for those questions.


I finised in 20 mins and that included going over it all a couple of times and everyone in my class left after 30 mins. (We all had the benefit of this website)

Thank you thank you thank you


It's good to look back, but don't stare

Posted : 13/06/2005 6:31 pm
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