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Dog Grooming

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Hi does anyone have experience of doing a City and Guilds Dog Grooming Course?
Thank you

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No, but apparently it's a profitable business if you're in to that sort of thing.
What specific questions do you have about it?

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I spoke to my dog groomer. She did a HNC in small animal care at a local agricultural college in the early 90's. She's had her own business since 1996. She didn't know anything about the C&G course, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have merit. Their courses in a variety of subjects have excellent reputations. Have you been to check out the training facility? Can you go to speak to them during term time?

She did say that it took a few years to get off the ground, but she loves the job (she is always busy - 5 days a week). Make sure you keep up to date with tetanus jabs - have antibiotics on hand, just in case of a bite on a Friday evening - learn how to apply a muzzle (or make sure the owners pre-muzzle) to a feisty mutt! It changed her life - she was a single Mum with 3 kids when she did the training.