Third eye chakra
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Third eye chakra

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Does the third eye chakra sometimes bring in random stuff or messages from people?
I had a word and I thought what does that mean?
I then discovered what it could mean a while later but I wondered why the word would come into my mind. Is it my own intuition picking it up or a person saying it to me telepathically? as some sort of behind the scenes, extra dimensional communication. They say all our souls are connected to each other somehow ??
Trying to get to grips with the third eye chakra to work out what it's capable of doing. I probably sound like I don't have a clue.
Can people past and those alive today communicate with words/messages/symbols & pictures telepathically?
I'd love to know how it operates because to me it feels like it could be filtering through loads of random shit all around us in the universe and it might be difficult to understand or place everything.

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It is not your intuition. There is plenty spiritual stuff and non sense wafting around in the Ether. It gets in you. It gets even in those who don't have any alternate inclination either. That's how it works. That what's is in the Consciousness, is in you too.

Not only the spiritual stuff. It applies to everything. Everything!

You are in this dimension and not understand much of this, why be so keen to tap into extra dimension?
If you don't hear or are not open and receptive to sanity in this dimension, how is it possible to hear wisdom from extra dimension?
How does one begin to hear and understand? - by resting within oneself

This reality is enough unto itself to bring greatest of understandings.
Within you lies all that you seek.
People are chasing after amazing, extraordinary wisdom from imaginative sources. While all imagination leads to more imagination. It keeps getting more exotic, more spiritually exotic, so to speak. Message from aliens, divine entities, extra dimensions etc.

Minds clogged with words. Words and concepts that have not brought any real value to life but have caused great unsettling of minds.

Not many want to settle within oneself, however most are keen to hunt down the whole universe for 'understanding'.
Understanding arises out of acceptance and resting with oneself. That's the only trouble with borrowed concepts, messages and wisdom. Great promises but they never deliver

About third eye- it's just a concept that is being used blindly simply because it is in the Ether. Who can understand third eye?

Only the one who knows oneself. And they are not particularly fussed. Because third eye is a shadow of what's going on in your being