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Acute "period" pain after period

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I don't get this very often, luckily, but when I do it can be uncomfortable enough to need painkillers and lying down with a hot water bottle.

It's like period pain, usually in the last days of my period, or after the bleeding has stopped. Sometimes the pain is in one side, close to my groin. And today it was exactly the same place as a period pain. It can only be described as an ache similar to period pain, but more uncomfortable. It kind of comes and goes in "waves" and only lasts up to 30-60 mins. Afterwards I feel tired and a bit run down.

Then I am fine for the rest of the month.

As I say, it only happens a few times a year.

Could it be endometriosis?

I am 43, married with teenage children, who I had by elective caesarian.

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Hi Foxy Lady.
Sorry, but I haven`t any advice to give you, but I would be inclined to go and pay your Dr a visit.
Us poor women really go through it sometimes don`t we? I`m off for a Laparoscopy and a Novasure ablation on Tuesday, (31st). Thats hopefully to see why I have such heavy bleeding every month, and to either stop the periods, or lighten the loss.

Please let me know how you get on?

Kind regards, Barb 🙂

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Are you periods regular, Foxylady? If not, it could be ovulation.

I have always had ovulation pain, which was always on around day 12 of a 28 day cycle but as I'm getting older (42) it is coming earlier.

Also, I have had very similar problems, period type pains after my period had ended but they could last for days. I had investigations and all they found was a small fibroid. I then developed muscle pains elsewhere in the body too. I personally have put it down to my age and possible perimenopause. I am now trying natural progesterone to see if that helps.

I hope you get some relief.


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I have suffered from a pain usually on my right side low down near the groin for many years. Also watery discharge and sometimes spotting. Its when the egg is released from the follicle that it bleeds a little in some women resulting in pain. I have found relief by taking an ibuprofen and Black Cohosh capsules. Good Luck and I hope you can get it sorted.:eek: