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What do you think about dermal fillers?

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Hello, ladies! I’m 31 years old woman. I’m a reputable person in the company where I’ve been working
already for 14 years. It’s a successful company; we constantly have some meetings and contracts
concluded. I constantly visit beauty therapists to fight my skin ageing. However, as I see it helps, but the
result is not the one I would like to observe. There are different masks, creams, moisturizers, and other
products used by them to improve tension and smoothness of my skin. I didn’t want to make some
injections, but I think I will, as I’m required to have corresponding look.
What do you think about dermal fillers? Did you have such treatments? What was the effect?

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Who has stated how you should look???? It makes me think that the individuals you are working amongst are very shallow if you are expected to look a certain way.
Personally, I have never resorted to chemical fillers. I do treat myself to massage and facials when I can, for relaxation. I am 62. Live life to the fullest. Have many friends and a fabulous family. Have a successful business (self employed) and enjoy working with vulnerable and ill people who have widened my perspective on life - for which I can only thank them, hand on heart. I could care less about what someone thinks of my looks.

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I’m also looking for different information about dermal fillers before deciding whether to do it or not.Actually there are a lot of articles on hyaluronic acid fillers. It’s also used in PDO threads, which are usedfor face lifting. I’ve found numerous positive reviews on dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid. So I’mmore disposed to have these injections to treat my wrinkles. There is a kind of recommendations onbefore and after treatment - . Scroll down to “THEPROCESS”.