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argan oil

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hi guys, maybe a good hint for some of you:)
one of my docents is having his own argan-oil-online shop so during the last lecture he brought some of it for us to test it... you should know that he had a real bad pigment disorder when our lectures started (he said he didnt use the oil for a long term) and now you can hardly see it anymore, and he has had it on his whole arms, hands and in the face...
i'll try the pattern he gave us at first, but it shall be great for everything.
he said he would use it for his skin and sluice his mouth with it (after that he uses the oil from the inside of his mouth for his hair tooo_O:D a little bit disgusting, but when i see the price i understand why he does so)

maybe some of u have skin-problems and would like to try it out 😉

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Its a great idea for skin as well as hairs. Thank you!

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I agree with you. I have also use argan oil for face and hair. I love to use argan oil.

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My boyfriend had a problem with acne, but he slowly is getting rid of it. He was not convinced at first, but eventually he borrowed my argan oil from Virginic () and uses it since. He just applies one drop on his face and apps it gently. First results were seen within 2 weeks.