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Raspberries against incontinence!

Anne Mary
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My husband, 59, has been slightly incontinent for the past half year, ever since he doubled his coffee intake. This is, apparently, not uncommon for men who drink coffee. But as he does that to help with his CTE (don't ask) he sticks to the coffee and wears pants in bed.

Just lately I found that the nightly leaks had disappeared. Wondering what had changed I searched the internet, and eventually identified the helping agent: raspberries! We grow autumn raspberries which produce from the end of August till the last of the sunshine, and every day my husband (and I) pick and eat loads, fresh from the bush.
Apparently raspberry juice and raspberry leaf tea, strengthen the bladder.
As this was not easy to find on the internet, I thought I'd mention it here. Of course a lot depends on the severity and the cause of the incontinence, but it's worth a try while the raspberries are still around.
You'll have trouble finding a more harmless or pleasant remedy!

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I've been using herbal raspberry tablets for my whippet who has a little leak problem. Traditionally its used to smooth the uterine lining in women however the muscle of the bladder is a similar structure so has indications are that it can be used to treat incontinence also.

Sadly its intermittently effective on my little whippet have wondered whether to up the does and see what happens.

Glad your husband has found some relief. 🙂