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my friend got married for more than a year

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My friend has got married for two years and he like children but unfortunately he does not bring any child. He is frustrated and he is think about this problem and he does know what the problem is? Is this normal or what?
He does not like to go to see the doctor because maybe the doctor will say he can not bring child.
We need your advices and any experiences….
Many thanks

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Hello and welcome to HP

One of the most common causes of male infertility is lack of zinc. If he has white spots on his fingernails this is almost definitely the cause and I would suggest he takes daily a quality multivitamin/multimineral with an added zinc supplement of 50 mg per day for two months, then reduce to 25mg daily therafter. If this does not help then the doctor is the next option.

It would also be necessary to reduce stress levels as this can upset hormone production and affect sperm production.

Good luck.

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I think its just something that happens. I dont think there is any way to plan for it. I dont really know how to help :/