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Lumps and Bumps.. Help?

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Hey I am 19 years old, i think afew months back i had felt abit of aching in my left testicle.
last night i had a check, and i found a pea sized lump on the bottom of it!!!

Now touching it does not hurt it just feels weird!!! I have never really checked myself before and I was shocked to find this! It feels firm but not hard.

I am not sure if this is normal or not, but i am kind of scared to touch my own balls or have anyone else touch them!! haha they are sensitive! Not that they hurt! Its just a strange uncomfortable thing to do i guess.

Anyone have any ideas of what this could be or what i could do?

I am kind of worried to go to the doctor! I don't want to start doing all tests on my balls like ultra sounds!!

anyone had anything similar?

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Heya and welcome to Healthypages,

There's all sorts of lumps and bumps down there (veins, tubes and nobbles inside), so it's most likely nothing to worry about. However to be sure, it's best to go to the doctor and get it checked out, and then if it is something at least you've caught it early.

Trust me, doctors are used to dealing with all sorts of intimate inspections, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about, and at least it's external rather than internal. 😉

Remember, you can also choose the doctor you want to see, so if you're more comfortable speaking about it to a male doctor you can ask for that specifically, or maybe you'd prefer a female doctor. The choice is yours.

Please do go get it checked out, I'm sure you'll find it's nothing.

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hi, you should take further checks in hospital. commonly, if you are sick, you will experience some symptoms such pain, blood semen and so on, but you mean that you don't have such symptoms, so it may not severe. however, there also are some diseases won't bring any signs until it is severer enough. thus, please go to hospital as soon as possible.