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Fire Extinguishers

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I hope I am not bothering anybody or coming across really cheeky for asking for some support from some of you with my University Project. I am a Masters Product Design student and I am really interested in design that ensures products are accessible to all ranges of people.

My most recent project is to investigate how if possible, the standard fire extinguisher found in offices and apartments can be made more useable by people who suffer with all forms of disabilities.

The information I would be very grateful for is, what is your current opinion on fire extinguishers, do you feel they are something that would be easy to engage with as somebody with a disability ? Maybe you have first hand experience of using one and can share with me what you think could be improved.

Once again, Id be very grateful for any form of feedback, I really hope I have not been to much of a pain. Any advice or design recommendations will play a vital part in my research 🙂