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Please help

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Im 46 (47 in nov)

I have a feeling i have started the menopause. Been having awful night sweats for around 2 yrs now although the real problem is just utter exhaustion. Its not feeling tired its far worse than that. It takes everything i have just to go to work. Im also extremely short-tempered, my skin is awful, nails peeling, strange fuzzy/dizzy feeling in my head. Periods still regular but getting far more painful and i think more heavy.

I havent been to drs. Does this sound all related? Im wondering if its more related to my Hypermobility but either way im so depressed about the extreme tiredness. Any advice. Should i give hrt a try?

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Hi there,

Poor you, that sounds awful. Would suggest it is best to go to the Doctors and ask for a full blood test so they can identify what is causing your symptoms.

I had some of the same symptoms and also wondered if it was 'that time' - I was struggling with real exhaustion, dizziness, aches and pains, depression. It turned out to be a severe vitamin D deficiency! (cured by taking a super high dose for three months then a high-ish maintenance dose, it takes a while to heal thoughl).

They also tested my thyroid which can cause some of these problems and that's not right either and still causing problems. Good luck!

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Vicky, I'd go to the doctor if I were you. It could be something with an easy fix, or it could be something more complex. Either way, you'll be closer to finding out what is wrong. Then you can decide what to do about it.

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Thats very good advice. There can be any number of things causing your tiredness but if you feel your periods are getting heavier anaemia is one possibility.

You may very well be entering the menopause. Heavier periods can be one sign in some women. But the other things mentioned (Vitamin D and thyroid) could be contributing as well.

But your doctor can help you. Good luck