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Ibs sufferer

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ive suffered with this awful thing for a good few years now, but now it seems my 21 year old daughter has started , I'm pretty sure with ibs, is it possible that it can be passed down to your kids, or just coincidence,, she's only experiencing it mildly but sometimes she doesn't want to eat or go out, I have taken colpermin in the past which has helped, and I drink peppermint tea which does help, I've also started my daughter on the tea, we are watching heR diet as well, I'm thinking booking her in the doctors but sometimes she's fine, and mainly when she goes out with friends to the pub or something to eat, she has an attack, anxiety ? Stress, God knows, any suggestions please, thanks

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Unfortunately IBS is a generic term the doctors use when they can't figure out what the problem is... because they don't look at the whole person and are just looking for physical causes in the gut... of which they typically find none.

If you want to look at it from the medical professions viewpoint, a good book for classifying the type of IBS and ways to deal with it is called Irritable Bowel Solutions by Dr John Hunter. Well worth a read.

There are also other methods for dealing with IBS, such as EFT, Hypnosis etc. however I'd see if that book helps first to identify what the possible type and cause is.