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Babies who are breastfed exclusively for six months are very hard to wean. Which is the best food to introduce to such babies?

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Breast fed babies are hard to ween? I did not feel that way. At the worst, it can take some getting used to the different texture and flavours but keep at it, their taste buds soon adapt andf then they can't wait until the next mouthful!
The lovely health visitor I had was such a a gem. She gave lots of suggestions and ideas and they worked beautifully.
You can start with soft fruits and puree them. Banana is an old favourite,(leaves nasty marks though). Steamed veggies that you have for supper can be pureed. initially always passing through sieve, to make it easy for baby. Keep away from juices or make sure to squeeze freshly and give warm water after wards. What a fuss. I didn't bother much with that ado, until they were bit older.
If a meat eater-could start with chicken. Pureee, sieve and serve!
Also, I read a while back that solids should be introduced only after 6 months and not before. It can over burden their little system too quick resulting in allergies and general sensitivity of gut.. So now is about right.
As their needs grow, they naturally become easy to feed.
Hope it will be easy for you and littl'un

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I didn't have a problem with my two, and the second daughter started on solids at 4 months - admittedly, just baby rice, but she was a big girl and needed the additional calories (born at 10.5lb - constantly hungry). Number 1 daughter was introduced to solids (pureed sweet potato) at 6 months, mixed with a little expressed breast milk, and practically took my hand off with the urgency to get more!!!

Flowers - in one of your other posts you say you are 40 (and anticipating the effects of menopause!!) - are you an 'older mum' or are you inquiring for someone else? Health Visitors are brilliant at this kind of information, so contact them for reassurance and help if you need it.

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I never had a problem with my son either. At 6 months a baby should be ready to have something more solid than milk.

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I never had any problems with mine. Weaned on to home made foods - mashed avocados were excellent as they are high in protein and good fats. Introducing one thing at a time is best - just so they get used to it. Try to avoid added sugars and processed foods.

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No such problem with my daughter (though that was 20 years ago, I don't know if babies changed since then?!) The first solid food she tried was some sweet potato I think..