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Sick 3yr old in foreign country!?

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I am in Bali with my husband, some friends and my 3yr old daughter. We got a babysitter last night to stay with the toddlers so we could all go out for dinner & drinks and about two hours after we left the babysitter called and said my daughter was burning up and had vomited. We all came home and tried to work out what to do. My daughter was sweating and vomiting so much she was going in and out of consciousness. We found an English speaking doctor at the resort who came to our room to see her. He said she had the stomach flu and gave us tablets to help prevent dehydration. I was up all night with her last night as she just did not stop vomiting. This morning her temperature has gone down slightly but it's still high and she's still vomiting. She's in so much pain she can't even cry and is kind of just lying on the bed all limp. I kinda feel like there isn't much point getting the resort doctor to come back again (he charged a lot and didn't do much) and is there much that can actually be done? Do we take her to hospital instead?? Really at such a loss right now. We aren't going home until next week!! We are staying in Nusa Dua.

In the past 12 hours she's had an 18oz bottle of water with one rehydration tablet (according to the package they are a mixture of glucose and electrolytes), two lemonade ice-blocks and a 12oz bottle of milk (breastmilk). She has vomited all of this back up though... Any idea what we can do??

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Go to the hospital.

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Yes, hopefully you will have found a hospital, you should have travel insurance that will pay for this too? But you need help now. I wish you lots of luck and speedy recovery for the little one xxx