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Paxos Holiday

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hello, never posted on a site liek this so please be patient with me!!!!

For the first time, I am planning to book a holiday without a high-street tour operator.

We fancy a quiet Greek islands and friends have recommended Paxos.

The problem is I am wanting to book accommodation with a local person, but am worried that it will all be a nightmare when we arrive. Has anyone else booked like this and what was the result.

I've found a couple of sites about Paxos like [link=][/link] which offer villas direct and lots of other paxos advice, but would like to hear from others.

Jean Peters

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RE: Paxos Holiday

Hi Paxos and welcome to HP. [sm=wave.gif]You might like to drop into our new members forum and say Hello there to our other members. I'm sure you'll get a good reception there.

Personally I would have reservations booking such accommodation in Paxos, as you say with a local person. Probably because I am used to using tour operatorsbut also because I don't know any greek.:D Lol. At least using tour operators you would have some sort of support system should things go wrong.

I was wondering if you could post the link to the other site you have seen? I'd be interested to have a look. It's so cold here in the south of England at the moment, it would be really good to look at some nice warm pictures, to wet my appetite for a holiday. What's the weather like where you are? I'm presuming you are in the U.K. as well, as I suppose most of the members here on HP are?

Best wishes

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RE: Paxos Holiday


For the first time, I am planning to book a holiday without a high-street tour operator.

I've found a couple of sites about Paxos like [link=][/link] which offer villas direct and lots of other paxos advice, but would like to hear from others.

Jean Peters

Hi Jean,

My wife and I went to Greece some years ago and absolutely loved it. We booked a package holiday with a British High St travel agent, but expended it at the end for a week in Athens.

From there we arranged various day trips to the islands by Dolphin or Mega-dolphin (local name for hydrofoil). Super journey, very confortable, no probs whatsoever.

I would think anti-paxos is even better.

The agni site that you have found seems very good. Should be perfectly OK. You could try these sites as well:




Olympic Holidays is a very large Greek travel operator. Very reliable.

Which? covered holidays in Greece. You can look it up in your local library. WEll worth it.

You'll love Greece. We did.



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RE: Paxos Holiday

Hi Paxos,

TBH I only went through a tour operator or package tour etc once in my life. (It was OK actually - it turned out not scores of people as I expected, but only 2 couples were involved, and they had 2 taxis waiting for us - on Rhodes. But we wouldn't have chosen that spot.)

It depends on the kind of accomodation you want. If simply a room or flatlet, it's possible to just arrive without anything booked and always find a place. Moreover it gives you the chance to look around and choose your place and location by sight. And you can even stay for just a couple of nights and then, knowing the island better, maybe move to a different location and a different room or flat you may prefer. No trouble!

However I know this isn't for everyone. How about, all the same, just having a room or rooms pre-booked for 2 nights, and then actually see with your eyes the villas on offer. Move into one ofyour choice after 48 hours?I haven't been to Paxos but there will certainly be local agencies in the main town(s). Then there won't be a nightmare since you can choose on the spot and get no nasty surprises.

The one package I ever did, that one to Rhodes, we had no complaint about the apartment, but it was kind of in the middle of nowhere, and a small building site not far off ... [&:]

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RE: Paxos Holiday


I went to Greece last summer arrived on the island and found accommodation very easily in fact people were lining up as the boat arrived (this island has no airport and is only accessible by catamaran or ferry from Pireas) it was a fun way of doing it. We did have a name of a hotel to stay in recommended and were able to go there and negotiate a good price for the weeks stay. The benefits of this way of booking is that you don't have to stay there if it is not right for you i.e. too noisy - too far out - not in the midst of where you would like to be.
Having done this once I would have no hesitation in doing it again independently - its a fun way of travelling. I've not been to Paxos so can't comment on the island, but I'm sure any Greek island is idyllic.

Luv Binah

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Hi there,
I know its a little bit late for my post, or it was ages since last person replied to that thread. Anyway I am from Paxos and I would definately advice you to get information about a place from locals or from people that already have an opinion. Therefore Paxos Island is a quite place, a quite island that you can have some small discoveries, you can rent a small boat and visit Antipaxos and many other small and untouched beaches.

Have a good day and anything you want regarding that matter I can help you easily, as I am from Paxos.