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Anyone studied massage long distance with School of Natural Health Sciences

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I'm curious to hear if anyone has studied long distance with The School of Natural Health Sciences. I'm interested in Indian Head Massage.

Here is their link: [link][/link]

They seem rather vague about insurance once you're qualified and say they will "introduce" you to an insurance provider in the U.K. Surely if they were above board one would be able to insure with relevant insurance company. Also, they are vague about what practical guidance you receive. ie. by video / dvd?

Thanks forum

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RE: Anyone studied massage long distance with School of Natural Health Sciences

Isn't there a FE college close to home, where you could go for hands on training? I can't understand how any bodywork therapy can be learnt 'long distance'. I know that our local college offers a IHM course over 2 weekends, and it isn't as expensive as that mentioned on the website.

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RE: Anyone studied massage long distance with School of Natural Health Sciences

I personally wouldnt have been able to learn the practical aspects of massage without the hands on help and advice of my tutor. As well as being able to watch and question her about the techniques I think that it was equally important that she could observe what I was doing and correct errors. I would also certainly get clarification of the insurance situation, if there is just the one company willing to offer insurance I would wonder what would happen if they went out of business?

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RE: Anyone studied massage long distance with School of Natural Health Sciences

Distance learning is always a contentious issue. I have studied with the SNHSand found their courses very good, more in depth than British School of Yoga. I am insured through I.P.T.I, they recognise SNHS courses but not the BSY course I did. It is a good way to gain a certificate if you have to work/bring up children/live in the sticks.
I also did a practical aromatherapy course at night class to get the massage technique practice, however you can use friends and family.
For me it was the only way to go as I don't always have access to a carandlive in the country - last bus home 9pm, not practical.SNHS do an A&P course which you can study at the same time.
It is always preferable to study at College/University, and there IS a sense of superiority from some therapists regardingdistance learning, however even mainstream Universitiesare introducing distance learning courses for a variety of subjects-they can see the earning potential. Even full-time students use "Blackboard"so do not actually have to attend Uni full-time. I think as we are using more and more technology it is the way forward.
Look at the success of the Open University.....Anyway, good luck if you decide to go ahead.

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RE: Anyone studied massage long distance with School of Natural Health Sciences

I studied Crystal Healing and Kinesiology with the SNHS. Both courses were good I thought, although the Kinesiology was somewhat more indepth than the Crystals one.

I didn't ask about the insurance company they recommend, but instead took my Crystal Healing Diploma to"Shephards" who provide my insurance for Reiki practice and teaching. They had no problems accepting it at all and adding it to my policy. I haven't yet got around to adding the Kinesiology to the insurance.

In terms of the practical aspects of the courses, I did their 'self-study' option where you don't get any tutorial input at all. However, completing the case studies on real people was a very effective practical learning exercise. They also have a tutored option which costs twice as much, and there may be more input there.

I certainly thought my experience with the SNHS was positive and am considering doing some more of their courses. I'm tempted by the 'meridian psychotherapy'......

For people such as myself with a toddler, baby on the way, and husband who works away most of the time, it is the only opportunity to do this sort of thing without spending a fortune on babysitters!

Best wishes,


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SNHS Courses

As a Qualified Therapist already I have recently completed two of the SNHS courses - Colour Therapy and Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and whilst I feel the course contect has more depth than BSY - on a number of occassions when I have emailed for info they are very vague.....

An example was I asked where I could buy Colour Therapy Equipment - they didn't know.
Also with the Meditation Teacher I asked how I registered as a Teacher - still waiting for a reply............

Although my insurers are fine with the Qualifications.

Ellie x

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I know this is an old one, but in case anyone else is searching for this school, they may want to check out It really looks like they have issues with plagiarism in their course materials, and really didn't treat this student right at all. I wouldn't trust this school for a quality education, personally.