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Eco Kettle

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Has anybody got one? What are your thoughts?
I'm thinking about getting one and just wanted some feedback before getting one.

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I have one - got it from here
It took me a bit of getting used to (esp selecting how much water you need for a cup) but now I love it - can't believe how fast it boils the water as well 😮

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We got ours in M&S a couple of years ago. It has two compartments, one where you fill it to the top, then you press down on a nozzle and it moves the water to the boiling compartment so you only use enough for the amount of cups you need to make. Great idea and we're very happy with ours.

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I looked into buying one of these a while back, but found that it was only awarded its "eco friendly" status for reducing water wastage. Now I just fill up my mug with water right to the top and use that a measure instead. That was a few years ago though, they might have some additional features now?

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i did not realise how widely available these were after doing a basic search.
save time, save water, save energy!

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Eco kettle sounds great - how does it work exacltly ? I though a regular kettle was ok as long as you only use what you need...

I have recently found these [url]remote control socket set[/url] online, they let you switch things off at the plug with a remote control - genius!! 🙂

Dinesh Fernando
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Best option is not to overfill your kettle i.e. only boil the water you need. Also your kettle should have good insulation. Some hot drinks such as green tea, instant coffee, specialty teas etc are best brewed at temperature below 100 so temperature control is good - see some suitable products here - [url]Eco kettles at ECO Arcade[/url]