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Buying New Clothes

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Many of us like to buy new clothes but we also care about the world and other people. [url]Oxfam's second hand store[/url] is a great place to buy new clothes while supporting a very worth while cause. They've got vintage stuff, quirky stuff, very cheap clothes and they've also got lots of new clothes.

You can search by condition. For new clothes there are several options:

BNWOT – brand new without tags
BNWT – brand new with tags
Factory seconds

Under "condition" you have to keep expanding it to see all the options.

This is particularly true for women’s clothes but also for men’s. I bought one of my grown-up sons a sleep bundle (new and donated by Marks and Spencers):

[INDENT]One pair crisp checked cotton short with drawstring waistband and side slit pockets
Two pairs stretchy cotton shorts with drawstring waist, one dark blue, one grey,
One white t shirt top with three button front
One multi stripe t shirt
One plain white t shirt.
Great value for £19.99, particularly for M&S quality.

I also bought myself a Nike top - not brand new but excellent condition - great for my spinning class at the gym - a beautiful lime (my favourite colour) blouse, two really nice skirts. I had a really great shopping spree.

You can also search by brand and by size.

You’d need to keep a regular eye on it to see good things but a nice way to donate to Oxfam!

They don't charge postage, although they encourage you to make a donation. You can also return things you don't like. [url]Do have a look[/url] and see if there is anything you want to buy.

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Had a look at the clothes, also the books and homeware seen several interesting items. Thank you Janewriting you could be a life saver or should I say money saver for my future daughter in law, Oxfam have got some lovely well priced wedding dresses. My son and his future wife really want to get married but the cost is putting them off, unfortunately like a lot of people they are both out of work so will be passing on the Oxfam web site details to them.

Again many thanks


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Thanks for the link - will have a look at that. I currently buy a lot of things from charity shops anyway but like the fact you can buy online.

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I buy a lot of my clothes from vintage online shops and charity shops. I love recycling clothes and pick up so many nice things that people don't want anymore.

I am currently waiting for a vintage floppy black hat, a cream and tortoise shell leather vintage bag and a lush velvet vintage bucket hat in black with red bold flowers over it.

Original and inexpensive!

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Geat link - thank you. I love looking in second hand shops for clothes but had never occurred to me to shop online for them. Anyone recommend any other sites?

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Charity shop chic

It's amazing how buying clothes from charity shops has become the 'in' thing to do.

When I was young my mum couldn't afford to buy us many new clothes so she got them from the 'nearly new' shop. Unfortunately I was given the nickname 'Second-hand Rose' when my friends found out where my new coat was from. Hence to say I refused to wear it 😡

These days most of my clothes come from charity shops. With so many brand name bargains to be had why buy cheap, unethical clothes? And if you recycle them after - even better!
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