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Allergy to normal paint - ecos-paints

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This paint is really amazing, i am allergic to normal paints that go on the walls in your house. with normal paints like emulshion & gloss they give me breathing problems and make me feel generally unwell from the Toxic fumes. but now i have been using this amazing paint, ok its a little more expensive but i dont get know reaction from it, its worth its weight in gold, also comes in great coloures- See the link bellow if your interested in were to get them from.
Conventional gloss paints AND emulsion paints contain solvents which can cause irritation and serious health problems. ECOS - the world's only range of solvent free paints and varnishes - literally a breath of fresh air! [sm=cool-smiley-027.gif] [link=][/link]

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RE: Allergy to normal paint - ecos-paints

Great post.

Last year I completedly decorated my entire house using ECOS paints! I worked from morning 'til night, day in day out without feeling ill from the toxic fumes of regular paint. It was a most positive and uplifting experience.

The paint actually seems to go a bit further than regular paint, so the price works out not to disimilar to what it would have done with the 'regular' equivalent.


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RE: Allergy to normal paint - ecos-paints

I'm planning on buying a house this year , and heard about this paint last year, it looks great and far far more importantlyhas no animal products in it nor has been tested on animals either which will be fab- I can tell people even my paint is vegan lol hehehehe.
Thanks for the link.
I may contact them and suggest they contact the [link=]BUAV [/link] and see if they can be approved by them. It can only help advertise them if they get approval.

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RE: Allergy to normal paint - ecos-paints

I have used several green paints and really like Earthborn ClayPaints ([link=][/link]) they have a slight earthy smell (actually makes me feel hungry when painting!). Also used a few of the Auro products which are also good.

From my experience Eco paint doesn't always mean smell-free, often concentrated orange juice is used and this can really smell. But somewhere I found a suggestion of using whitebread soaked in vinegar and onion halves and they really worked for me.



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I really like Ecos paint and am about to paint my whole house with the stuff. However, a word of caution. When ordering, make triple sure you know what you need as Ecos will not take returns. I have been very disappointed with thier customer service in this regard. They think the distance selling regulations don't apply to them and have not returned my calls or replied to my letter of complaint. I assumed I would get better from a company selling an ethical product.

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I have used Ecos paints on a number of occasions & the paint was great - no smell & easy to use + their customer service was always great !

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ecos customer services stinks

Hi there

Odor free paint indeed but their customer services stink!

I second what you said re Ecos customer services. Make sure you check exactly how much you will be charged as well before finalising your order. I didn't need 5 l so ordered a smaller amount of wallpaint only to find out when I got the invoice that you pay premium for that- as "it is a special request product" so ended up paying more or 2 liters that I would have done for 5. Company has been extremely unhelpful and unpleasant to deal with so would not use them again.

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i've tried eco's and was not impressed. i have m.c.s. and could not tolerate them and found the odour to be a little toxic. i much prefer "auro" paint which i get from "the green shop", who claim that eco's do not list all their ingredients. the performance you get from eco's is better, but it's how they achieve this that some in the industry question. auro are like sonnet, uncomprimisingly green with full disclosure. the "earthborn" lexford mentioned are also apparently top notch.