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New to the forum

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Hello everyone,

I've just signed up for the forum.

I am based in London, thinking of studying to become a sports massage therapist.


Best Wishes


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Hi Silvia, welcome to the community

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this community. Hope, I can share my experience with you all.

Looking forward to a great journey.

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Hello my reader. peace to you.

Forgive my presumption, please: I seem to be a home-brewed Master. Let me explain. I'll keep it short, to avoid drowning you in facts, so please ask questions, as I'm very likely to jump A-E, leaving you struggling to see the connection.

My background corresponds to that of Master Usui and his circle. I'm a diplomat from the team which won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize (2 degrees of connection from the Mahatma), with spiritual skills derived from my Zen christian foundations. Among those was a life-long energy awareness which led me to acupuncture theory.

At the same time, a Wiccan aura sensitive reported my aura as being definitively that of a Reiki Master, which hadn't crossed my mind. So when Pippa Reed reported the Harry Edwards Sanctuary was holding an open day, on the bowed psaltery forum, it was an ideal opportunity to check. Nobody knew me or what was on my mind, I sat in on a meditation session, and read the room. Grey self-powered practitioners, with the exception of an area on the far side of the room, a dull spot. It would have been wrong to intrude, so I cleared my channels and offered power to the area. If it was intended something would come of it, then it would be drawn, and it was. I thanked the Almighty, and sat back. The meditation finished, the Staffer running it asked if there were any questions, a hand shot up from the four people I now saw were in that area. "I've never come out of a meditation tingling before. Is this usual?" I intervened immediately (lest anyone make hurtful comments), explained, and asked the staffer to ajourn to a private session, where it turned out the person had paid for a hands-on awakening, which hadn't taken. They were more than happy at the gift, and the Sanctuary at gaving a witnessed awakening in a new student. I had my confirmation.

In practice, although I've paramedic training from the military, I've been more focused on the IQ aspect: I can make a case for genius. I hate the thought, being attuned to humility, but facts are facts. My medical diagnosis includes hyperperception, a key facet, and the delivery the othed one.

So, a wild card, created fo a very good purpose. The "organisational" facet isn't keyed to it, nor am I that interested in being trained - a gift is not trained. Help!