Why you should be giving Zumba a try

There’s no denying that incorporating regular exercise into your daily life has a huge number of health benefits. Creating this routine can be easier said than done but finding something you really enjoy doing can be a huge help in ensuring you stick it out, even when you can’t be bothered! You’ve probably heard of the Zumba craze which has swept the nation over the past few years and it’s for good reason.

1) It’s so fun you won’t even feel like you’re exercising

If working out feels like a chore, you’re likely to find excuses not to do it. If it genuinely feels fun, you’ll be looking for ways to do it more often! Get some friends together and stand attending Zumba regularly and it will honestly just feel like you’re going to a dance party with friends multiple times a week. Just like your favourite Friday night out but without the hangover!

2) It offers both aerobic and anaerobic benefits

Zumba will help you bring your heart rate up quickly by using songs with an average of 145 beats per minute, which make it seem comfortable to be moving quickly and help increase your aerobic fitness. You’ll find that your anaerobic fitness is also hugely benefited by Zumba though and your endurance will skyrocket after just a few sessions.

3) It provides a full body workout

Classes vary depending on the individual instructor but most often you’ll find yourself doing fitness moves in amongst the dancing. This could be squats or push ups or something altogether different but it means you’re getting some good body weight resistance training in, along with the huge cardiovascular benefits of Zumba. Not only this but you’re likely to find that the nature of the moves and the concentration required improve your coordination too.

4) You can do it all year around

Outdoor activities, like running or cycling, are great in the summer but can be tricky as the days get shorter as you may not want to be outside alone in the dark. Zumba is a great way to keep active over the winter.

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