Why try eyelash and eyebrow tinting?

Do you ever wish your face could have a more defined look every day without the hassle of having to apply make-up? Eyebrow and eyelash tinting might be just what you need.

What is eyebrow and eyelash tinting?

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting are semi-permanent beauty treatments that involve a qualified beauty therapist using a vegetable dye on your brows and lashes to dye them a darker colour. It takes around thirty minutes and leaves you with dramatic and defined eyelashes and eyebrows, on which you will not need to use mascara or brow make-up for between 4-8 weeks. Treatments start at around £10 and can usually be taken together for a discount.

Why try lash and brow tinting?

There’s little that can make you look instantly more awake and refreshed than an eyelash or eyebrow tint. If you’re going on a beach holiday, to a festival, or anywhere where you want to have perfect and, more importantly, fuss-free eye make-up, this could be the treatment for you. Most people’s eyelashes are faded at the ends, and so an eyelash tint can reveal eyelash length you never knew you had, without the smudging or caking effect of mascara. Similarly, many people find that a brow tint can pick up fine, light eyebrow hairs, resulting in thicker, fuller-looking brows, even for those that start with fair or sparse hair. The eyelash tint will also hold up perfectly through swimming and sleeping, so you can wake up in the morning or step out of the pool looking perfectly groomed.

What will happen during the treatment?

Once you have found a qualified therapist through our directory, you will need to go for a patch test up to 48 hours before the treatment. The therapist will paint a small amount of the dye behind your ear to check how the dye reacts with your skin. In the vast majority of cases, there will be no reaction, but if your skin becomes red, itchy or otherwise irritated, the therapist will not proceed with the main treatment.

At your appointment, the therapist will firstly consult you on what the best shade choice will be for you based on your colouring and the effect you’re aiming to achieve – popular colour choices are black, blue-black or brown-black. Then, your therapist will place cotton wool or stickers around your eyes and paint the dye onto your lashes/brows and leave it for up to ten minutes. The longer the dye is left, the darker and more dramatic and long-lasting the colour will be.

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