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1606 ON THE XX DAY OF JANVARY EVEN AS IT CAME TO PAS IT PLEASED GOD THE FLVD DID FLOW TO THE EDGE OF THIS SAME BRAS – AND IN THIS PARISH THERE WAS LOST 5000 AND ODD POWNDS BESIDES XXII PEOPLE WAS IN THIS PARRISH DROWN'D GOLDCLIF JOHN WILKINS OF PILREW AND WILLIAM TAP CHURCHWARDENS 1609 from the 1607 plaque in St Mary's Church Goldcliff is a village and parish to the south east of the city of Newport in South Wales. It lies within the Newport city boundaries in the historic county of Monmouthshire and the preserved county of Gwent. Administratively, the community of Goldcliff includes the parish of Whitson. Wikipedia

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HypnoBirthing is a philosophy and a set of techniques that prepares parents for a natural, gentle birth. It teaches a program of deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis which then promotes a calm pregnancy and a trauma free birth.

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