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Ainsworth is a small village—effectively a suburb—within Radcliffe,in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, in Greater Manchester, England. It lies on the western fringe of Bury, 2.2 miles northwest of Radcliffe, and 2.9 miles east of Bolton. The city of Manchester is 8.7 miles south-southeast of Ainsworth. Historically a part of Lancashire, Ainsworth was formerly a chapelry in the parish of Middleton and hundred of Salford. It was added to the Radcliffe Urban District in 1933. Author and ghostwriter Paul Stenning is a former resident and pupil of Ainsworth County Primary School. Wikipedia

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HypnoBirthing is a philosophy and a set of techniques that prepares parents for a natural, gentle birth. It teaches a program of deep relaxation, visualisation and self-hypnosis which then promotes a calm pregnancy and a trauma free birth.

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