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What is Healing?

‘Healing’ is the restoration of the natural energetic balance of another living being, man or animal by a ‘healer’ who amplifies and focuses their own life force, known variously around the world as Chi, Prana, Ki, Num, bio-energy, etc., depending on the culture.

The process is a non-invasive, drug-free gift from Nature, has no negative ‘side effects’ and generally works very well with humans and animals, especially dogs and cats. The effects vary from person to person from very subtle to the theatrically dramatic.

Known for thousands of years in the China and the Far East as Qi Gong, practitioners use proprietary meditation techniques, called ‘Nei kung’ (Inner Power), to redirect their inner ‘Chi’ externally using their hands to heal a wide variety of physical ailments.

Operating regardless of faith, or religious belief, it is commonly practiced among so called ‘primitive cultures’ worldwide.

As the Edwardian Occultist Dion Fortune remarked, ‘yesterday’s Magic is today’s science’.

The body (human or not) heals itself second by second. As a fantastically complex micro universe of inter-dependent electro-chemical interactions, controlled, ordered, directed and balanced by the ebb and flow of the mysterious ‘Chi’.

When things go wrong, i.e. become unbalanced, emotionally or physically, harmonious equilibrium is lost, manifesting as physical dis-ease; where a little outside assistance is helpful.

The so called soft martial arts practitioners often use related techniques with amplified Chi to disable multiple attackers; as shown in many YouTube clips.

Most people assume that human beings only have five senses, and that’s it. Anything that can’t be explained by the new religion of modern science, is routinely dismissed as an anomaly, oddity, or if all else fails deliberate deception.

Human beings naturally have superhuman, psychic and physical powers, which in most people lay dormant and unused, stories of amazing individuals capable of unbelievable feats of mind, body and spirit, are rarely reported by the controlled mainstream media, except to ridicule them.

The Chinese ‘soft’ martial arts is where much of the magic hides. Adepts spend their entire lives exploring the body’s biophysical energy systems. ‘Tai Chi,’ the traditional Chinese martial art, ‘The Supreme Ultimate’ cultivates inner life force energy (Qi), fortifying the, mind and spirit body for longevity and self-defence.

It is usually portrayed as an eccentric exercise system for old men hanging around in parks, which it can be. Look beyond the obvious and you will find evidence of a whole lot more layers.

There are currently around 10,000 mainland Chinese hospitals China specifically use nothing but this mysterious energy,  or ‘Chi’ for all medical treatments, with no toxic pharmaceuticals or mutilating surgeries.

Healing is NOT Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or Hypnosis; no verbal suggestions are implanted, although recipients often mimic the hypnotic trance state.


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