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Hypnobirthing courses

  • 10 Sinclair Cl, Fenchurch Rd, Crawley RH10 7XD, UK.

About Hypnobirthing courses


Hello, my name is Dariya and apart from hypnobirthing, I have a background in teaching dance, yoga and meditation. I have always been passionate about everything related with the power of the mind&body. I found about hypnobirthing when I got pregnant with my first baby and just thought It would be too selfish not to share it with other women. I am absolutely in love with this method because it can make such a profound difference in your birth experience. Every time I read stories of normal births and hypnobirths, I become more and more amazed of how powerful hypnobirthing actually is.

Hypnobirthing can make such a profound difference in your birth experience. it provides a complete antenatal education and gives you the tools to have the best possible natural birth.

You will learn to free yourself from fear and negativity and replace it with  calmness, strength and confidence using simple breathing and visualisation techniques, basic massage and also deep relaxations. After the course, you will be full of confidence and trust in the power of your own body to birth your baby beautifully and joyfully. An experience that will empower you for the rest of your life.

This course will also give you detailed information about the physiology of birth and will equip you with knowledge for all the medical procedures that can be offered to you.  Bring your partner along and his help and support during birth will be invaluable. Happy hypnobirthing!

Your body is perfectly designed to give birth quickly, easily and smoothly. All you have to do is equip yourself well with knowledge, have trust in your body, listen to it and your intuition and instincts and let nature do its job. Simple as that! And ofcourse, before all that, make sure all your fears are gone and your whole being is filled only with love and trust! You and your baby are the perfect team and your baby always knows best and will help you in this beautiful journey of birth. Relax, let go, enjoy and celebrate life. Hypnobirthing can help you achieve all that.

My teacher is Katharine Graves, who is the founder of The Home of Hypnobirthing and the author of The Hypnobirthing Book. She is also a founding member of the Hypnobirthing Association. Her training course is fully accredited by the Hypnobirthing Association and Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Accredited.



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