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Align Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

  • 27 Church Cl, Biddulph, Stoke-on-Trent ST8 6NB, UK.

About Align Soft Tissue Massage Therapy

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

Aches and Pains?

Try a rejuvenating and therapeutic massage treatment

Soft tissue massage therapy is warming and relaxing but also includes specific treatment of stressed and damaged soft tissues. Using advanced sports and remedial massage techniques to relieve pain and discomfort which may be caused by –

Occupational or postural issues

Repetitive actions or overuse

Sporting or recreational injuries

Long term mis-alignment and compensation

Emotional stress

** I don’t do any sport – Is it for me? **

 Indeed it is!

 Soft tissue massage therapy is for everyone as the stresses and strains of everyday life can cause pain and discomfort just as much as a sporting injury. Whether you are sitting at a computer all day or lifting, carrying and stretching your body can be subjected to tension, overstraining or repetitive use of your muscles. Soft tissue massage therapy can help to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by these daily pressures.

** I am a keen sportsman – how can it help me? **

 Whether you are regularly taking part in sports or training for a one off event soft tissue massage therapy can –

 – Enhance performance
 – Assist in recovery from injury
 – Increase range of movement and flexibility
 – Help to prevent injury
 – Increase circulation and removal of waste products
 – Alleviate tight and shortened muscle groups
 – Relieve DOMS


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