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Toby Yoga

  • 79A Junction Rd, Sharrow, Sheffield S11 8XA, UK.

About Toby Yoga

Sleep better, feel fitter, become more flexible, and enjoy greater peace of mind. Dru Yoga blends gentle flowing sequences to release tension with targeted posture work to increase muscle tone & powerful relaxations to de-stress the mind.

Give yourself the gift of better health, harmony and happiness. Give yourself the gift of Dru Yoga.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga before or haven’t done any real exercise for years because Dru is for everyone! No matter what age, shape or size you are, you’ll be able to do Dru Yoga. You won’t need to compare yourself with anyone, and in Dru Yoga we never talk about the ‘perfect posture’. Instead we find the right ways to do yoga safely and effectively for you depending on your unique abilities. The emphasis is always on you.

I have been practising Dru Yoga for almost two decades and qualified as a teacher in 2016. Having experienced the wonderful impact Dru Yoga has had on my life, I am passionate about sharing the experience with others. My body is much more flexible, my stress levels have dramatically reduced and I sleep far more soundly. What’s not to love about that!

I am a full member of the Dru Professional Network (DPN.) Dru Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance and the Independent Yoga Network (UK.)

I am a licensed and certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Facilitator offering workshops, study groups and seminars giving you the tools to empower yourself and achieve the success you dream of and deserve.

What my students say about Toby Yoga:

  • “What an amazing experience! I have tried lots of different styles of yoga but this was my first time with Dru. I absolutely loved it!! Thank you so much for such an amazing class” Lola A
  • “Thoroughly enjoyed your yoga class, l could feel myself strengthening, even at 65 yrs , it was in a way easier than l thought, yet warming” Ann B
  • “Even after this shorter taster session I was smiling and relaxed! I felt privileged to have Toby as my teacher, it was such a lovely class! Thank you!” Susan T
  • “I loved that the Dru yoga didn’t serve to hold postures and further add to physical stress, rather it allowed fluidity and loosening. It was an awesome end to my week. Thank you to the very talented and inspirational Toby” Helen H

What my Heal Your Life® Workshop attendees say:

  • “Toby I cannot thank you enough for putting the last piece in the puzzle… It had so much impact on me and I owe you a big thank you for all the the things that will come because you helped me believe I deserve them” Nowra, Saudia Arabia
  • “Toby is an amazing workshop Leader. His clam, peaceful presence created space for me to connect with my inner self to get deeper insights. I would highly recommend Toby for a truly transformational experience.” Ruchi, London
  • “Toby you are a real teacher! Thank you very much for a wonderful workshop. The material was clearly conveyed and you allowed each participant to express themselves in an open and safe manner. It helped me a great deal.” Noa, Israel



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