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Craniosacral Therapy in Norfolk

  • 34 Exchange St, Norwich NR2 1AX, UK.

About Craniosacral Therapy in Norfolk

Practicing CST since 1994, I have a very wide range of skills and experience. Treatments for adults are fully clothed, gentle and respectful, and safe (I also treat newborn babies).  My aim is to work with the body-mind to assist it to heal itself – rather than forcing an outcome.  I find this very efficient and effective way to work. There is an intelligence in the body that wants to be well.  I am particularly skilled in helping scar tissue, adhesions and complex trauma (shock/PTSD accompanied by physical injury), and spent a year working on the Big C complementary care programme on the cancer wards of the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

I have treated babies sand new mothers for over 15 years, and can usually help with most cases of colic, feeding and sleeping problems, and where there is poor eye contact or the baby is too stiff or floppy.  CST is very safe, and a recent retrospective study by Graz University Hospital (who have used CST to treat premature babies for the past 20 years) confirmed this.

My practice spans pretty well the full range of conditions, including

  • acute remedial work : CST is able to be effective even if you are wearing a plaster cast, so it is possible to help recover far sooner than with any other approach.
  • all kinds of spinal problems – I have helped speed recovery from broken necks and spinal fusion operations
  • shock and trauma (I’ve been applying state-of-the-art trauma techniques since 2005 to help central pain sensitisation and other forms of trauma/PTSD)
  • visceral and other soft tissue organs (lungs) and connective tissue problems (e.g. cystic fibrosis)
  • spiritual development – where the bodywork I provide is a body-based alternative to psychotherapy.  Here we don’t focus on the “problem”, but rather give attention to how expressions of health can be encouraged, nurtured and directed to where they are needed

Please see my website for more details of the kinds of condition I can assist.

Clinics in Norwich (mon-Weds, 9-7) and Hethersett (Thurs)


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