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Life Balance and Healthy Living, 5 day intensive Retreat – Marrakech 2017

  • 406 E Park Rd, Leicester LE5 5HH, UK.

About Life Balance and Healthy Living, 5 day intensive Retreat – Marrakech 2017

Importance of Positive Health

Good health is essential for a full and happy life. Everyone would like to enjoy perfect health throughout their life. Perfect health means complete enjoyment of all our inherent vitality and clarity of mind; it is a state of total wellbeing and happiness.

Rise of Chronic Diseases in the Modern World

There is increasing chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, just to mention a few. Modern industrial medicine, in spite of its glamour is unable to effectively treat many of these diseases. Informed and educated people across the world are seeking out ways to prevent these modern lifestyle diseases.

A Natural Way to Health and Wellbeing

Hakim Salim Khan has dedicated almost his entire life to develop and synthesise traditional knowledge and forms of medicine such as Unani Tibb and Tibb-un-Nabawi, along with useful and beneficial research and innovations from Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (CAM). Mohsin Health (providing consultations, natural remedies and trusted health information), since 1978, and College of Medicine and Healing Arts (CoMHA) are the pioneers and custodians of this knowledge and these skills.
Life Balance & Healthy Living is one of the most popular and well-reviewed courses. It has been running in UK successfully for years and now in USA. It is now being made available worldwide. This intensive and comprehensive preventative program is available for you to look after yourself, to establish positive health, and prevent becoming a victim of chronic disease.

You Will Learn
1. To deepen your connection with nature to enhance your life and health.
2. The secrets of staying healthy and happy.
3. The Six Lifestyle factors that determine health and disease.
4. How to balance your life using the Life Balance Wheel.
5. Discover your own unique temperament (Mizaj), your own personal strengths and weaknesses.
6. Plan and implement ways to restore and balance in your life and improve your health.
7. Prepare a range of healthy spice mixtures.
8. Prepare healthy dishes for yourself, family and friends.

Course Facilitator: Hakim Salim Khan Nutritionist, Herbalist & Iridologist M.D (M.H.) F.G.N.I. D.O.
Hakim Salim established Mohsin Health Clinic in 1976 in Leicester, UK. He continues to practice there, seeing patients from various backgrounds and locations. He also founded College of Medicine and Healing Arts, to provide education and training in Unani Tibb, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).
Hakim Salim holds the following positions in these UK-based associations:
· President of International Register of Consultant Herbalists (IRCH).
· President of Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists International (GNI).
· President of International Association of Natural Medicine (IANM).


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