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Reiki Babies UK

  • 33 Century Rd, Gillingham ME8 0BQ, UK.

About Reiki Babies UK

We are running weekly Reiki Babies Natural Healing Classes for prenatal mums and mums and their babies. These weekly sessions are designed to introduce you to and explore healing energy.

The aim of this gentle group is to be a safe space for mums to share how they’re doing, any worries or anxieties they may have and to use your natural healing energy to ease these and bring balance to the body and mind.

We also explore how our natural healing energy can help you connect with your baby, strengthen the bond and using the energy to help settle baby, ease colic or wind discomfort and bring relief to other ailments as well as helping you to trust your intuition more.

Connecting with your baby in a very special way.  Reiki Babies offers a variety of one-to-one sessions aimed at supporting you throughout your pregnancy and in those early weeks and months once your precious baby has arrived.

Pregnancy Reiki Training Courses for Mum and her birthing partner – teaching you how to connect with the Reiki energy and use it to support you throughout your pregnancy and especially during labour too so that childbirth can be positive experience for you.

The Reiki Babies Training Courses are designed to teach Reiki so that you can channel this ancient healing technique to your baby as well as to yourself, the sessions focus on building trust in your own intuition, helpful techniques on using the Reiki energy to settle, relax and nurture baby as well as how you can help you through those early, exhausting weeks and months.

Reiki is a fantastic tool to ease anxieties, release stress and worries and calm the mind.  Reiki can boost the immune system, balance hormones and with regular treatments it can truly transform your life.

Benefits are:-

Deeply bonding

Increases intuition

Builds confidence in your natural parenting skills

Relaxing and soothing





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