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Nutritional Therapist, allergy testing, Associate Naturopath.

  • Unnamed Road, Taunton TA3 6DA, UK.

About Nutritional Therapist, allergy testing, Associate Naturopath.

Elizabeth Bray BSc Cert HP DNN MBANT MNNA CNHCreg

Registered nutritional therapist, food intolerance testing, rebalance and optimise your health, allergy testing, BANT and CNHC registered, herbal medicine and health sciences degree and a naturopathic nutrition diploma. Clinics at Taunton, Somerset and Axminster, Devon.

  • I offer food intolerance and allergy testing to identify and assess your symptoms for a wide range of health problems. Practicing since 2005, having experience of clients with chronic health problems, digestive symptoms, headaches, poor immunity, fatigue, bloating, rashes, tension, seasonal symptoms, brain fog and skin problems. Tests offered may include allergy testing, food intolerance testing, weight loss DNA test, an IgG antibody food intolerance test, for 59 to 120 different foods, hair mineral analysis, parasites, health status, hormone levels, vitamin D and many others including vitamin and mineral levels tests. I assess your health in detail following completion of a health questionnaire.
  • Specific recommendations for your diet and lifestyle are included at the consultation. Supplements may also be appropriate, depending on your symptoms and levels of vitamins, minerals, acid/alkaline (pH) balance and other factors. My aim is to rebalance your health to achieve your optimum health status.
  • Weight problems and food cravings are often associated with food intolerances and imbalances in the diet. I also offer a laboratory DNA weight loss test, that analyses your metabolic type and the most suitable foods for your metabolism. Clinics at Taunton, Somerset and at Axminster, Devon. I look forward to hearing from you to make an appointment and discuss achieving your optimum health status.


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