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Cindyt Theodore

  • 5 Eastfields Ave, London SW18 1FU, UK.

About Cindyt Theodore


I am a qualified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner, a Psychic Medium and Trance Healer based in south London. As a light worker, I believe that the time has come today for energy to be accessible to all. This access is necessarily accompanied by personal development, work on oneself, awareness, openness of the heart.

After lengthy soul-searching, I got a clear understanding of my life purpose. I understood intuitively that my true gift was being able to help others share unspoken or deeply harboured narratives. Some of the people I meet through my business have powerful and affecting tales to share. They have been survivors of mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of others who did not hold their best interests at heart. I too have had to go on a confronting journey to heal myself, and today I offer my self as a bridge for others.
Today, my work as both survivor and light worker to people who are still wandering lost in the dark, is helping navigate a pathway from hopelessness to life-affirming power.

I provides gentle, deeply relaxing and non-intrusive hands-on Reiki therapy, which also encourages re-balancing. Reiki promotes relaxation, well-being and improved health on many levels. Reiki can help a variety of disorders including anxiety, stress and sleep.  It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery – balancing mind, body and spirit.

I offer treatment on Thursdays 9:30am-2:30pm at the Wellness Centre Unit 7, 5 Eastfields Ave, London SW18 1FU, UK
I am happy to talk to new clients before their initial Reiki treatment so go ahead and contact me.


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