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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • 98 Edith Grove, Chelsea, London SW10 0NH, UK.

About Registered Dietitian Nutritionist


I have always been passionate about the nutrition and dietetics field from an early age, as I truly believed that nutrition and the state of our health go hand in hand. Health promotion and disease prevention are possible when adopting good daily dietary and lifestyle habits. 

After completing two psychology degrees and during that time continuing to research and read about every nutrition related topic I could get my hands on, I decided to embark on a rigorous accredited five year nutrition degree program in the United States, where I subsequently practised for a few years as a clinical and community dietitian. Nutrition gave me the opportunity to work with many wonderful clients, and get to be involved in their transformation. This was deeply fulfilling to me and I realized that I would work in this field for life.

I am passionate and have specialized in weight management, where I truly thrive when seeing clients lose weight and transform their lives with my unique and customized weight loss plans. I have also worked with and managed clients who due to their overweight and obesity also suffered from diabetes, heart disease, gastrointestinal issues, hypertension, renal problems among others. From initial assessment, to follow up and careful monitoring, clients not only lost a huge amount of weight, but simultaneously saw their health improve! Assessment of clients is in depth, and any malnutrition is also picked up, and throughout sessions, we work to address any nutritional issues, and correct them.

I believe that anyone can improve their health by altering their nutrition habits. There is no magic bullet. However, with careful planning and collaboration, and an empathic, supportive, and customized approach, I work with clients to educate them, so that they can go on and live healthier lives, usually, realizing it was not as hard as they thought it would be. 

I love to mentor clients, offer good, honest, wholesome advice, educate on healthier practices, but through all this realizing that it is the client who is master of their own destiny, and demonstrating to the client that they can change over time, particularly as the programmes I recommend work because they are uniquely in tune and prepared for each client. One size does not fit all with nutrition. I truly believe that. 

I also offer general nutrition advice sessions, including shopping trips for healthier food choice education. Initial sessions typically last one hour and follow up sessions last for 30 minutes. I use my psychology background to get to the root cause of any nutritional issues. I truly believe that psychology and nutrition are interconnected, and many times if the root psychological cause is not addressed, then the nutritional issue will just continue unchanged. 

Please do feel free to contact me should you wish to schedule an appointment. I work within Central London. I look forward to helping you with any nutritional needs you may have and help you on your way to transforming your health and wellbeing with better and improved nutrition!




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