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Homeopathic Medicine-Medical Homeopath

  • 2D Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1U 1PQ, UK.

About Homeopathic Medicine-Medical Homeopath

I am MD,PhD, Consultant Specialist Medical Doctor, holder of the Diploma  (DIHom) and the Postgraduate Diploma (HMD) in Homeopathic Medicine of the British Institute of Homoeopathy in the UK(FBIH) .I am  Member (MFHom) of The Faculty of Homoeopathy ,which has been  the statutorily recognized title of Homeopathic education  for Medical Doctors  in the UK and perhaps the most renowned , throughout the European Union and worldwide, evidence of high level qualifcation in Homeopathy for Medical Doctors.I am also Member(MHMA) of the Homeopathic Medical Association(HMA),UK

I am fully registered with the General Medical Council (Reg no: 7009546) as Specialist Medical Doctor with licence to practise ,I have been revalidated for the period 2014-2019 and I have regular annual appraisals according to GMC regulations and the Good Medical Practice.

My practices and methodology reflect the modern scientific face of Homeopathy.I have  essentially developed new perspectives in It through an holistic and systemic perception of the data of Pathology, so that they me be appropriately assimilated for homeopathic therapeutic applications.

My specialization in Pathology and my further CPD/CME training  in  many subspecialties of Pathology, are particularly important for a well-planned therapeutic strategy and effective implementation of Homeopathy even in most complex clinical cases of Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions.

I have practised Homeopathic Medicine   more than 25 (twenty five) years and  I have joined lastly,as medically qualified Homeopath, the Wimpole Therapeutics Clinic, Harley street district, London.

My expertise in psychosomatic disorders is the evaluation of the physical symptoms,with their specific qualities and modalities, as direct reflection of the sufferings of the Mind and of the Emotions,whose language is exactly expressed with these symptoms.With this easy and clear understanding of the Soul,there is not any need for long and tormenting psychoanalytic discussions to understand the constitution and the psychology of the patient.

These are a few examples of the main ways a health condition or disease can be treated :

   Targeting specific systems (e.g. the nervous system), or organs (e.g. the adrenals),tissues, cells, functional processes and pathways
   Boosting immunity
   Nutrients assimilation support
   Increasing stress tolerance
   Strengthening the body’s vitality
   Treating the body’s main  physical energy  centres and pathways
   Removing obstacles to cure
   Directing the body’s vitality to a certain area
   Treating inherited characteristics,predispositions and weaknesses
   Constitutional treatment of the whole individual
   Treating the subtle that gives rise to the physical
   Treating predispositions that are not yet causing disease
   Improving the body’s ability to compensate for the problem

Best  results depend on an accurate understanding and treatment of the disease process . It is a very individual-specific procedure and quite different from the typical medical approach. This requires an in depth understanding of what is going on in each person regarding their presenting complaint, how it came to be, their general makeup, circumstances and quite a bit more. For this reason I spend a great deal of time outside consultation hours reviewing the recent sessions, resummarising notes, analysing cases, planning management and so on. Sometimes I will spend more time working on a patients casenotes than I ever have in person with them, particularly with complex and chronic conditions

I have a special interest in supporting people who have or have had cancer, using homeopathic remedies as a complementary therapy, to help them prepare for and go through their conventional treatment, to strengthen and maintain their health and well-being afterwards and to improve objectively their Prognosis,the future of their Health

My main aims are:

to provide a caring, supportive, positive and focused relationship with patients ,within which we can work together towards meeting their health goals and expectations
to use safe, natural methods of treatment and to stimulate and support the innate healing ability of my patients
to identify and treat the underlying causes of health conditions and diseases in addition to alleviating their symptoms and sufferings
to inform the patients about their health problems,so that they understand the mechanisms underlying and also to have an approach to relevant literature,when they wish or when this is indicated.The more an individual knows about her/his health and the process of homeopathy and holistic medicine, the better the results. It is just not as straightforward as standard medicine where most people with a given condition are very often given the same medicine with the same instructions. The patient is always treated as an individual with a specific history. He or she needs to be part of the healing process, and be aware of the changes and processes at the physical and emotional level.



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