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About A Different Approach

A Different Approach seeks to offer you exactly that!

Although, I have been practising as a Complementary Therapist since the late 90s and as a Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist since 2003, my mission has been to seek out approaches that are most effective, comfortable and thorough for anyone wishing to resolve problems or enhance their personal development.

Core Transformation
Core Transformation (CT) - developed by Connirae Andreas - can be utilised for personal change and growth, addressing any feeling, behaviour or thought and transform and enrich our lives.

CT is designed to address some of the deepest challenges of our times: to heal ourselves and grow – emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Core Transformation offers a process which is both structured and flexible, to provide a graceful approach to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals we may have previously thought unattainable.

Core States
After a part has discovered it’s ‘deeper purposes’ it can finally arrive at what we call a ‘Core State’. A Core State is a something that we experience as being at the deepest possible level.

A Core State has other characteristics which define it. It is a state that is not dependent on ‘having’ something for ourselves, nor ‘getting’ something from others. Nor is a Core State reliant upon giving something, nor being a certain way, nor doing something etc. We could say a Core State is at a “beingness” level.

Here are a few examples of Core States and possible interpretations of how they might be experienced:-

“Peace” – This could be a profound, deep sense of peace.
“Presence” - A sense of being in the moment, in the now fully and completely.
“OK-ness” – experiencing being “OK” with everything; ourselves, the world and others.
“Love” – A Core State of love might could be described as experiencing love just as it is – rather than receiving love, giving love etc.
“Wholeness” – This might be described as an experience of being complete and not separated.
“Oneness” – A sense of being fully connected to all that is, or all of existence.

There can be many other Core States we can access, including those we may not even be able to put fully into words.

Some people might choose to describe Core States as being ‘spiritual’. However, no spiritual nor religious doctrine/philosophy/belief is required in order to experience and benefit from Core Transformation. Nor, is Core Transformation aligned with any specific religious or spiritual doctrine.

Many people have utilised Core Transformation for support with issues including;

• Changing problem emotions and behaviours (ie. anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear)
• Managing Weight
• Improving relationships
• Overcoming depression and anxiety
• Overcoming addictions
• Addressing Trauma and Abuse
• Finding fulfilling work
• Improving all aspects of health
• Creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness, and well-being


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