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LILY Osteopath Falmouth

  • 17 Fish Strand Hill, Falmouth TR11 3BD, UK.

About LILY Osteopath Falmouth

Osteopathy is a manual therapy and one of the oldest approaches to medicine, based on the principle that the health and wellbeing of an individual depends on all components of the body functioning smoothly together, and that they are all intricately linked.

?Whether it be to optimise athletic performance, recover from injury, cope with pre- and post-natal adaptations, or alleviate stress, arthritic pain, tension and digestive problems – osteopathic principles apply – primarily to ease your discomfort and then to help you feel comfortable and confident in your body, and take control of your health.

An osteopath is trained to identify the resultant physical imbalances and strains, get to the bottom of where they've come from and restore the body's ability to maintain itself in a state of better health. Naturopathy provides the tools to optimise this process through natural lifestyle and dietary strategies.

I also offer Natural health coaching and is often a critical part of a journey to long term wellness. We live in a world that presents unique chemical, physical  and mental demands on the body. Coupled with access to so much contradictory, complicated and manipulated information about which diet and lifestyle regime is right, it is difficult to know how to make the best choices.


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