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Julie Hitchings, Nutritional Therapist

  • 17 Fish Strand Hill, Falmouth TR11 3BD, UK.

About Julie Hitchings, Nutritional Therapist


I am a fully qualified registered Nutritional Therapist; completing 4 years of study at the internationally acclaimed ‘Institute for Optimum Nutrition’ in London.

Nutritional therapy is a complimentary therapy that applies the science of nutrition to promote optimal health, wellbeing and peak performance.  My strategy involves supporting the major systems of the body, by helping to establish and rectify potential underlying imbalances that may be impacting on your specific health concern.

Do you want to achieve your full health potential? Perhaps you want to improve vitality, boost energy, maintain a healthy weight, optimise digestion, stabilise mood and emotional health or seek improvement for any other health issue? If you do, nutritional therapy may be the solution for you.

In order to encourage the body back into a state of balance, I assess your general health, medical history, lifestyle and dietary habits. I help to identify the foods you should be reducing or increasing in your daily diet and develop a bespoke nutrition and lifestyle programme that addresses your individual need. Sometimes this may include recommending functional testing and/or food supplements, if appropriate. I want to inspire you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

The range of services I offer to adults and children include:

supporting neurological, psychological and emotional wellbeing
encouraging hormonal and metabolic balance
optimising digestive health
supporting natural detoxification and elimination pathways
promoting cardiovascular health
encouraging healthy blood sugar balance and energy levels
healthy aging
weight management
working in conjunction with your medical team to help relieve symptoms and side-effects of conventional treatment you may be undergoing




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