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Headway Horizons

  • 12 Clement Dr, Peterborough PE2 9RQ, UK.

About Headway Horizons

Book a FREE ONE HOUR CONSULTATION to find out about the services I can offer you and your family through  NLP Coaching and Therapy  and Licensed NLP4Kids and NLP4Parents Sessions.

I am a Master NLP and Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Master Time Line Therapist™ and use all of these techniques as and when required.

A fitter, healthier lifestyle – you can have it!

  • A new career or a promotion – Why not?

  • Fears, phobias, addictions, bad habits and anxiety – Let them all go!

  • Raised confidence, self-esteem and life happiness – Are you ready?

  • Happier kids and easier parenting – Contact me!

 What can I help adult clients with?

​Destructive Behaviour Patterns, Negative States such as Depression, Low Self-esteem, Anxiety, Releasing Negative Emotions, Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Phobias, Negative Habits including eating and smoking, Change Personal History, Ineffective Strategies for Motivation, Relationships, Goal Setting, Work-Life Balance, Parenting and more….

What can I help children and teenagers with?

Anger and Emotion Management, Relationship Issues, SEND, Low Self-Esteem, Confidence and Emotional Resilience, Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination, Exam Stress, Ineffective Learning and Revision Strategies and more……

I believe each of us deserves the time and space to develop our own unique and fulfilling life path.

All sessions are run by Tamsin Moore-Jones​


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