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Christina Cherry Healing

Christina Cherry Healing

  • 5 Manor Gardens, Potton, Sandy SG19 2BT, UK.

About Christina Cherry Healing

I offer various energy healing therapies tailored to your needs for physical, mental or emotional healing. Each therapy can be combined with the unique sound healing of TURQUOISE HEALING TONES, at no extra cost, to enhance the healing process.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS focuses on helping you release limiting thinking and mental chatter. RECONNECTIVE HEALING is powerful, non-touch healing effective for physical issues and also mental and emotional healing.

OLDPAIN2GO is a new therapy which is very effective at helping clients release long term pain, including conditions such as Fibromyalgia and ME.

I also offer INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE, combined with upper body and facial massage for deep relaxation and feelgood as well as its many therapeutic benefits.

The sound healing is an additional enhancement to the energy healing at no extra charge. It enables a broader range of faster vibrational healing energies to be physicalised so that they can be received by the human body. I give you a recording of the sound healing afterwards so you can continue the healing at home.

The TONAL ALIGMENT is a 2 part spiritual activation to expand your connection to your Inner Being, which is your non-physical self or soul essence. This process speeds up your spiritual growth and enhances the flow of wellbeing energy from your inner self or soul self.

I have worked as a healer for over 12 years, practising in the UK, in Canada and by distance healing. My treatment room is in Potton near Sandy, Bedfordshire and close to the Cambridgeshire Border. I also practise at the Courtyard Centre for Health & Wellbeing in Biggleswade. I am able to travel to your own location for 3 or more clients.

For the ultimate uplifting experience combine the Indian Head with Access Bars in an hour long session to help release the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back – all while you relax! The first part, the Indian Head Massage, totally relaxes the body and the mind and makes you more receptive to letting go of your mental stresses and strains in the second part, the Access Bars.


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