Learn more about yourself with Pilates

Pilates might seem like yet another fitness fad, but this practice is so much more than just another trend. Started by Joseph Pilates, who argued that physical and mental health were connected closely, and recommended by the NHS, there’s a reason you’ve heard so much about this revolutionary workout routine.

If you’re not convinced, here’s five more reasons to give Pilates a try:

1. Get connected to you

Unlike other more appearance-centred workouts, the main principles of Pilates are centring, concentration, breathing, precision, control and flow or efficiency of movement. Practising these principles on a regular basis will connect you to your body and your emotions, helping you to carry these techniques off the mat and into your every day life.

2. Stop slouching

Pilates is absolutely fantastic for your posture. The exercises straighten and lengthen your spine, which is great for the back and can help to combat back pain and injury. An improved posture has also been proven to improve your self-confidence.

3. Reduce the chance of injury

Because pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, it is great for reducing the risk of getting an injury whilst working out. This is ideal for someone just getting into working out for the first time or anyone returning to exercise from a previous injury.

4. Have more energy

Not only will doing Pilates give you the wonderful endorphin boost gained from most exercise routines, but it also improves circulation, which means you’ll breathe easier, stimulate your muscles and you will feel more alert and ready to take your day on.

5. Get stronger

Pilates is a great way to strengthen up those core muscles. Not only will you have a flatter, more toned stomach (which means even more confidence), but stronger core muscles will also enable you to approach tasks in your every day life with a newfound ease.

If you’re interested in giving Pilates a try, or you would like to find out more, take a look through our directory today.

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