Hypnotherapy and how it can help

We’ve all heard of hypnotherapy; it was invented in the nineteenth century and has been popularised, in recent decades, by the hypnotist Paul McKenna, as well as celebrity illusionists David Blaine and Derren Brown. Paul McKenna has made millions from sales of hypnosis books and CDs claiming to be able to make you thin, rich or happy. So what is behind hypnotherapy, how does it work, and is it right for you?

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapeutic technique which is carried out by qualified practitioners, in which the patient is put under a state of hypnosis in order to increase their suggestibility. This is done with the aim of altering certain aspects of the patient’s subconscious mind such as their attitudes, behaviours and responses. The theory behind it is that some of our responses are buried deep in our subconscious and so therefore and cannot be altered by our logical, conscious mind. Instead, they must be reached at a time when our conscious mind is suppressed, and so the communication lines with our subconscious mind are open.

Could hypnotherapy hold potential benefits for me?

The main reasons people seek help from hypnotherapists are: to stop smoking or drinking; lose weight; beat insomnia; to gain self-confidence; address a fear; manage money better; create a useful habit such as exercise; or to stop biting their nails – and these are just the most popular examples!

So as you can appreciate, there is an extremely broad range of reasons to visit a hypnotherapist – as broad as the entire spectrum of human behaviour and emotion. The subconscious mind is a complex and powerful part of you that could be affecting more of your actions than you suspect. If you find that you’ve fallen into an unhelpful behaviour pattern such as needing a cigarette with your cup of tea, for example, then hypnotherapy can work to disassociate tea with cigarettes within your subconscious mind, and therefore eliminate your cravings.

The best port of call if you feel drawn towards hypnotherapy – perhaps you’ve always wanted to try it, or perhaps you now believe there is something in your life it could help you with – is to contact a hypnotherapist directly and consult with them over the phone or in person. There are plenty of qualified and carefully selected hypnotherapists listed in our directory, so there should be one near you who is able to help.

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