How a psychic medium can help you on the anniversary of a death

A deceased friend or relative can feel ever-present – especially on the anniversary of their death. While this date only swings around once a year, it can leave you confronting fresh feelings and emotions that you’d have hoped to have moved on from. Luckily, you can come out of the other side feeling better about the situation if you turn to a psychic medium. This individual will be able to use their gift to pass on important messages between you and the person who has passed on. Here are three ways that such a person can be particularly helpful on the anniversary of a death.

Embracing your emotions

The feelings that are stirred up on the anniversary of a death are only natural. You shouldn’t try to shut them away or dismiss them because this can cause the anguish to stick with you well into the future. Meanwhile, you can embrace your feelings by communicating with the deceased through a psychic medium. It’s the healthy way to let it all out rather than bottling it all up.

A sense of closure

It’s not a question of just ignoring the death. Instead, you need to find closure. This is typically a moment of realisation that will help you to see the death in a different – perhaps more positive – light. A message from beyond the grave could be just the thing to give you that nudge into moving on.


It can feel a lot more productive to acknowledge the anniversary by trying to communicate with the dead rather than just leaving flowers at their grave. It’s a great way to celebrate the soul of the deceased and its ability to exist even after death. During the session, you can actually feel like you’re making headway in acknowledging the life of someone who was so dear to do.

Find emotional peace with a psychic medium

An anniversary of a death is an opportunistic time to enlist the services of a psychic medium. It can help you to come to terms with your loved one’s passing or allow you to express emotions you perhaps didn’t feel able to while they were living. Of course, you can utilise the gifts of a psychic medium whenever you feel like making communication with someone who’s no longer with us. For more information on finding an individual who will act as a medium between the living and the dead, check out our directory.

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