The great enemy – sugar

Keeping healthy has never been harder due to an excess of information that often conflicts. It is harder than ever to separate fad from fact. Articles are published every day claiming to offer the secret of a healthy life, yet they can’t all be true. Hidden among all the noise is the truth. Suppressed and scorned sits a shiny, dirty truth. The real enemy of health – sugar.

Speak out against sugar

There are whole websites devoted to the evils of aspartame or fat and these are gobbled up without question despite all the scientific evidence making it very clear that neither of these are actually particularly harmful in moderation. Speak out against sugar, on the other hand, and you are labelled a crackpot and a crank. This comes despite overwhelming evidence that carbohydrates and particularly simple carbohydrates such as sucrose or glucose are terrifyingly bad for us.

Fat only useful as reserve  energy source

Years of painting one form of fat as good and another as bad have distracted us from the fact that fat is a necessary chemical for our bodies and only useful as a reserve energy source. Large carbohydrates get broken down by digestion into smaller ones which are then carried in our blood around the body. These small sugar molecules are what our body screams for as fuel. We are so adapted to these chemicals that when we have a surplus, our body screams and refuses to let go of it. Sugar must be saved at all costs, it must be stored, energy cannot be wasted!

Cut the carbs especially sugar

All of this gets so much worse when you have a low fat diet. The body uses the levels of fat in your diet as an indication of how starved you are. When you have a low fat diet your body thinks that it will die soon. Small sugar molecules are snatched up even faster and more vigorously and stored. Putting this more bluntly cutting fat out of your diet can make you fat.

If you want to be healthier, thinner and fitter don’t avoid fat or spurn diet products. The answer is far more simple; cut the carbs, especially sugar.

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