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do you have to give/receive massage in order to do hot stone therapy?

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Or can you do it without the massage part, like you would do crystal therapy.
The thing is I want to try it some time. But I hate massage. It drives me crazy. I Don't have any prejudice against it. I just hate it for me.

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To be honest TMO, Hot/Cold Stone Therapy is a form of massage. If massage is not your thing, best not to have it.

You could always ask just for the stones to be placed in patterns and left there, but the treatment would be shorter. May be a bit of Reiki or reflexology (or whatever floats yer boat) added in to broaden the depth of the treatment 😀

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Some people do just do it as a stone placement treatment rather than massage, but it's not very common to be done without something else going one. Stone placement with something like reiki, reflexology, etc are possible, but you don't see them very often either.
Some people do it as stone placement with massage done with hands, some do it as stone placement with massage done with stones, some people do no stone placement, only massage with stones.

I don't know if other styles cover it, but LaStone do include just placement in their training and call it Castle Building. It may also be called cocooning where there is also being wrapped up with the stones, or some one might call it a Bury The Soul stone treatment.

Even so, a massage with stones can be quite different to a massage with hands, but stone treatments tend to be either really good or really bad, very much depends on the practitioner.