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Cleanliness of stones and tank

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Hello All,

I have read posts on here about how you clean your stones but how often do you change the tank water?

If you were to do five treatments in a day would you clean stones AND change tank water between treatments???

Thanks in advance

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Yes, its rare that I do as many as 5 stone treatments in one day but when I do I clean both the stones and the tank water between each treatment. I have 2 heating units though, so if I do have a couple of treatments back to back (so lacking time), I'm able to have the 2nd unit on standby.

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fresh water everytime

Water should be cleaned between every client, and stones should be washed as well. Hot stones are a premium treatment. Ask yourself this question, if you had a hot stone massage would you want stones that had been in someones elses bath water, dead skin cells, bacteria and the odd back hair.

It takes five minutes to clean the stones, if they have been in the water the core of the stones will be hot still, so will take no time to heat up again.

Good luck