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Wholesaler Required

Open Waves
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I am looking for a wholesaler to provide Feng Shui and Space Clearing supplies. Can anyone help me please?

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Amber Lady
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I can't help, but if you find a reputable one can you let me know please? All I can find is cheap tat! If I do come across one I will also let you know.

Always with love,

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Hi Marina and Amber,
We may be able to help you with a limited range. Although we're not specifically a Feng Shui supplier, we do offer some very high quality products that are used in Space Clearing.
We specialise in Flower Essences and the Alaskan Sacred Space Sprays contain a combination of Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences together with essential oils. The 'Purification' Spray is the one most used in space clearing but the 'Guardian' and Calling All Angels' also have their places in this field.
We also have an African Wild Sage oil which has a powerful cleansing effect and a few other relevant items on the Space Clearing page of our website.
As practitioners you will be eligible for our discount prices so we can talk on the phone if you have a look and decide they may be helpful.