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feng shui cure for gossip

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Symbols such as the apple or round crystal ball placed in your office can help create beneficial and convivial relationships.

If gossip is a severe problem, a picture or figure of a rooster will help to bring the talking to a halt.

K Weber

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Hi Tigress
In my experience as a practitioner, gossips and being bullied can come from differents areas:
-in Chinese astrology, when the person goes through what is called a "self-punishment" or a punishment formations, gossips and difficult relationship appear in her life. Knowing it in advance helps to change the outcome
-some type of flat bring gossips and difficulty to progress in social and profesional life. A flat below street level, looked down by people walking in the street, is a classical example.
When the problem is structural, the flat needs to be seriously converted, as remedies based on artifacts won't do.