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Tapping in the Urals

Masha B
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I have just returned from teaching EFT in Moscow and, for the first time, Perm (a Russian town in the Ural Mountains!). Apart from catching a flu-type virus and having a nightmare return journey (plane 3 hrs late, missed last train, finally managed to get back home by 5am!) I had a fabulous time and am really encouraged by the way EFT is taken up by Russian professionals.
The Perm workshop was held in a major regional psychiatric clinic specialising in psychosomatic disorders, and among the 20+ attendees were the clinic's director plus several psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists (as well as some nursery teachers!) The approaches used at the clinic were integrative and eclectic, including body-oriented therapies, art psychotherapy, groupwork, etc, and it was a stark contrast to the UK mental health systems monopolised by CBT.


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OOooh! Well done Masha! Must have bee fascinating - not only travelling all that way but to see other way of dealing with problems and to have open-minded people to work with. Fantastic :D. No doubt you'll be going again 😉